Migration Law


A migration formalities is any request form or submission made by an individual or corporation to a migration authority to comply with an obligation, obtain a benefit or service of a migratory nature in order to have a particular or family resolution issued.

● Student visa
● Entry and exit permits for foreigners
● Temporary and permanent residence in Mexico
● Naturalization
● Registration in the INM* staff employer
● Admission of foreigners to national territory
● Issuance of migration documents
● Document replacement
● Renewal of expired documents
● Change of residence status
● Regularization of migratory status
● Change notification (civil status), name or nationality, address or workplace)
● Work authorization

*INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración)

New Home

We help and assist you in the selection of your new home. We got your back! We provide you with legal advice in operations of:

● Purchasing
● Leasing
● Country arrival
● Country departure
● Price Information
● Property taxes


We assist and help you in the selection of your children’s new school at different levels:

● Elementary School
● High School
● College
● Foreign language school

New Neighborhood

We help and support you to discover your new neighborhood:
● Local Restaurants
● Supermarkets
● Hospitals
● Sport Centers
● Shopping Centers
● Pet Shops
● And others

Occupation for Your Partner

We help and assist you in identifying the occupation and activities that your partner wants to participate in:
● New job
● Setting up his or her own business
● Enrolling in college

Local Formalities Assistance

We help and legally advise you in the following formalities

  1. Migratory formalities
  2. Resident permit

Assistance in local procedures:

  1. Leasing agreements, negotiation, and execution
  2. Water service contract
  3. Electric service contract
  4. Cable or Pay TV and Internet
  5. Transportation
  6. And other service providers

Government formalities:
● Identification documents
● Tax registration and removal formalities:

  1. SAT*
  2. RFC**
  3. Social Security Formalities (IMSS***, Enrollment at the IMSS local clinic registration)
  4. e.Firma****
    ● Driver’s License
    ● Bank account opening application
    ● Legal application for your repatriation
*SAT (Tax Administration Service)
**RFC (Federal Taxpayer’s Registry)
***IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security)
****e.Firma (set of data and characters that identifies you when you carry out procedures and services online at the SAT, as well as at other agencies, federal entities, municipalities and the private sector)