Business in Mexico

If you are ready to expand and open offices in Mexico, you are in the right place!

In this case, the legal consulting practice we offer is focused on the development, creation, and implementation of businesses in Mexico, according to our client’s needs or the type of business, whether domestic and/or foreign.

We support all those national or foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs who have the desire or need to start and/or implement a business in Mexico, whether new or in progress, or who have the intention of coming to install in Mexico a representative office, development of a business or even a company in any of its modalities or legal regimes established by law.

Therefore, our diverse services in this area of practice are, the following, among others:
● Legal support and advise regarding your business needs
● Consultancy and business implementation in Mexico
● Creation of mercantile societies
● Fulfilling the various formalities and legal formalities and processes
● Representation before private third parties or government authorities
● Strategic Planning
● Business model development and business plan development
● Identification and negotiation with potential partners

In this practice area we also assist and implement other complementary practice areas such as industrial and intellectual property, corporate, contracts, accounting, among others.