Industrial Property

Industrial Property:
Set of rights that corresponds to the author of specified non-material creations that may have an industrial application and have the protection of real property rights. We provide:
● Brand registration
● Commercial name registration
● Trademark registration
● Patent registration
● Utility models registration
● Industrial designs registration
● Franchises, trademark registration and registrars

We give legal advice for the defense of industrial property rights INFRINGED by third parties.

We litigate before the Courts or before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

Intellectual Property

Also known as copyright, it is a set of legal rules and principles that affirm the moral and patrimonial rights that the law provides to the authors, by the simple fact of the creation of a literary, artistic, musical, scientific or didactic work, whether published or unpublished.

We provide legal advice and realize the registration of:
● Literature works
● Name reservations for journals and everything related to intellectual property
● Franchise development
● Development of all types of franchise agreements
● Transfer of registration rights
● Copyright transfers